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With over 50 years combined insurance and extended warranty experience, 4warranty's mission is simple - "leveraging the most current products and technology with professional high-touch customer service to provide our clients with a leading-edge extended service plan solution that is second to none; a solution that has a true financial and strategic value."

4warranty delivers simple and direct sales techniques providing ongoing client support for high-yield results and profitability. We bring web based solutions for dealer enrollment, customer and product fulfillment, aftermarket and missed-point-of-sale opportunities and sales training, as well as personal touch corporate, regional and in-store training.

4warranty provides a call center staffed by "personal touch" bilingual (English/Spanish) Customer Service Representatives ("CSR"); all inbound customer calls are recorded and stored for quality assurance & training; the majority of service calls are answered in less than half a minute, and most with no wait; better than 90% of in-house service calls are completed within 10 days of the service request; we conduct continual management-level audit/review of call center activity; online customer claims service is available to customers 24/7; we offer a nationwide managed repair center network.

"Let us help you increase your bottom line!"

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